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The Variety Pack

3,414 reviews

Jerk Sauce

Our signature jerk sauce, perfect for cooking at home.

Bonnet Hot Sauce

The fan favorite hot sauce made with Jamaican scotch bonnets.

Jerk Ranch

Homemade ranch meets our signature jerk for an extraordinary result.

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Showcasing our favorite, easy-to-make meals using Sauces by Jrk!

Sauces for every occasion

  • Jerk Ranch

    How to use: Dip in it!

    Homemade ranch meets our signature Jerk Sauce for a mouthwatering kick. Use it as a dip for veggies, chips, or wings, or spin it into a spicy salad dressing!

  • Jerk Sauce

    How to use: Cook with it!

    Chef Wayne's signature Jerk Sauce with the perfect amount of heat and flavor. Marinate your proteins with it or lather it on after cooking.

  • Bonnet Hot Sauce

    How to use: Drizzle it!

    The fan favorite hot sauce is made with only the finest, locally-sourced Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers. Put it on anything in need of some heat!

what our customers are saying...

Martin L. - Lexington, KY


"I haven't tried jerk chicken before, but I cook it weekly now because of the Jerk Sauce. Really delicious meal, and very healthy too."

✓ Verified Buyer

Brent D. - San Antonio, TX


"Sauces by Jrk! is probably my favorite sauces for any dinner. You can make ANYTHING with these sauces. Steak, chicken, sandwiches, salads. Anything!"

✓ Verified Buyer

Martha B. - Naples, FL


"I'm not the best cook but something about these sauces makes my husband love my food. Perfect amount of spice, so much flavor."

✓ Verified Buyer

What's in a Sauces by Jrk! bottle?

Sauces by Jrk! were crafted with both taste and health in mind. Our sauces are some of the few that taste great and are truly guilt-free.

Our sauces taste great because we use real ingredients only.

We source all of our ingredients from only the finest farms.

Our sauces contain no gluten and fit in most common diets.

Our sauces are all dietician approved with no or low sugar.

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