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Chef Wayne's signature Jerk Sauce - loved by tens of thousands across South Florida, and now available nationwide. 

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  • Michele K. - San Diego, CA


    "Flavors are explosive! The jerk sauce is just the perfect blend of spices! The perfect marinade for a spice lover. A great addition to your pantry and a very good gift for a friend who cooks"

    Lawrence J. - New York, NY


    "WOW!!!! Sauces by Jrk's jerk sauce is a great balance of flavor and spice, which makes it perfect for just about any dish. It was the ideal enhancement to my dinner. Thank you Sauces by Jrk!!!

RECIPE #1: tender jerk lamb chops

Lamb chops are a perfect, easy meal for any night of the week. Check out this delicious jerk lamb chop recipe for something new and exciting.

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RECIPE #2: authentic jerk tofu

Looking for a delicious vegan dish that will transport you straight to the Caribbean? Look no further than jerk tofu! This dish is packed with flavor and easy to make.

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5 Reasons Why These Jamaican Sauces Are On Every Food Lover's Radar 🌶 🇯🇲

Here are the five big reasons why everyone is finally tossing the boring seasonings and tasteless marinades, ditching unhealthy sauces from big brands loaded with artificial ingredients, and spicing up their meals with the world's freshest and tastiest Jamaican flavors from Sauces by Jrk!

1. The Most Delicious Sauces from Renowned Chef Wayne Sharpe of Jrk! in Miami

Chef Wayne Sharpe and the team at Jrk! in Miami has spent years crafting the perfect Jamaican sauces. Now, they're making them available online for everyone to try. Take the flavors from the renowned restaurant into your kitchen with Sauces by Jrk!




2. Guilt-Free Sauces, All-Natural Ingredients

Most sauces and marinades on the market use artificial additives to sweeten, preserve, or thicken their products. We use only natural ingredients that are proven safe. The spices we use are the real deal!  




3. Sauces Versatile Enough for Any Occasion

Sauces by Jrk!'s Variety Pack comes with three delicious sauces: Jerk Sauce, Jerk Ranch, and Bonnet Hot Sauce. Marinate proteins in the Jerk Sauce, dip chips or veggies in the Jerk Ranch, and drizzle the Bonnet Hot Sauce on anything in need of some heat. Sauces by Jrk! has a sauce for every occasion!




4. Loved by Tens of Thousands of Customers and Featured in Prestigious Publications

80,000 customers in Miami and around the U.S. can't be wrong. The verdict is in - these sauces are delicious. Thrillist, Eater, TimeOut, and Men's Health have featured Sauces by Jrk! in their publications.




5. Authentic Flavors from the Heart of Jamaica

Ingredients sourced locally in Jamaica - including scotch bonnet peppers - help bring authenticity to these flavors. Chefs Wayne Sharpe and Stephen Brown painstakingly obsessed over every ingredient that goes into their sauces to bring the flavors of their home country abroad.




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