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Delicious Jerk Marinade Recipe - Sauces by Jrk!

Craving Caribbean flavor? The jerk marinade recipe is perfect for chicken, pork, or beef. Try this easy jerk marinade recipe for a spicy meal.

This Jamaican jerk marinade is a spice lover’s dream with flavors you can use on chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables. The ingredients are simple to find, and the recipe is easy to follow.

Interested in learning a new jerk marinade recipe? Look no further than Sauces by Jrk! Our team has created a delicious and easy-to-follow recipe perfect for all your summer grilling needs. So get your aprons on, and let's get cooking!

Ingredients Used To Make Jerk Marinade

  • 4 Scotch Bonnet Peppers
  • Four stalks of Scallions (Green Onions)
  • Three sprigs of fresh Thyme or 1 Tablespoon of Dried Thyme
  • 7 to 8 cloves of Garlic
  • One medium Onion
  • 2-inch fresh Ginger
  • 12 Pimento Seeds or 1 Tablespoon Allspice
  • 2 Teaspoon Nutmeg
  • 2 Teaspoon Black hot Peppers
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoon Salt
  • 2 Teaspoon Ground Cloves
  • 2 Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder
  • 3 1/2 Tablespoons dark Brown Sugar
  • 3 Tablespoon White Vinegar
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp Soya Sauce
  • 1 Teaspoon Browning Sauce (optional)
  • 1/2 cup of Olive Oil

Steps To Make Jerk Marinade

Looking to spice up your next cookout with a delicious jerk marinade? Here are three simple steps to help you get started.

Trim, Wash, And Roughly Chop

Trim, wash, and roughly chop your favorite herbs and spices. This could include things like scallions, ginger, jalapenos, or cilantro. Be sure to remove any stems or tough outer layers from the ingredients before adding them to your marinade.

Add The Dry Ingredients

Next, add your dry ingredients to the mix. This might include salt, pepper, paprika, or chili powder. Be sure to stir these ingredients well so they are evenly distributed throughout the marinade.

Add All The Wet Ingredients

Add all your wet ingredients – olive oil, lemon juice, orange juice if needed, garlic cloves, etc. – and continue stirring until everything is well combined and thoroughly mixed.

Activate Your Food Processor!

You must activate your food processor and blend the spices and seasonings that give Jerk marinade its iconic flavor. This will include allspice, scallions, ginger, garlic, lime juice, and more.

Transfer In An Air-Tight Container

You must transfer your finished jerk marinade into an air-tight container. Then, store it in the refrigerator or a cool place until it is ready to be used. It is necessary to keep the marinade in the fridge because it contains fresh herbs and spices, which can quickly go bad if left at room temperature.

Marinate Food When Needed

Just take out the already-made jerk marinade and marinate your meats, poultry, or veggies for at least 3 to 4 hours before grilling or cooking. This will ensure that the flavors have been thoroughly soaked into the meat for a savory and delicious result.

Tips To Remember While Preparing Jerk Marinade

Let's consider some things when preparing an effective jerk marinade. 

Start With Fresh Ingredients

You'll want to start with quality ingredients for your jerk marinade to get the best flavor and texture. Fresh herbs, spices, and citrus fruits all work well and help give your marinade a more vibrant taste and a satisfying heat.

Use Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Due to their unique flavor, scotch bonnet peppers are an essential ingredient in jerk seasoning. Adding them in generous amounts will ensure that your marinade has the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

Try Some Spice Combinations

Adding a few different types of spicy chili peppers can also help amp up the heat level of your jerk marinade – be sure to add them little by little so you don't overwhelm your guests! Additionally, experimenting with other flavorful spices like coriander or ginger can bring new dimensions to your jerk marinade recipe.

Use A Balance Of Flavors

Another key element when making a great marinade is finding the perfect balance between sweet and savory flavors. This can include brown sugar, honey, and richer bases like soy sauce or coconut milk. Finally, be sure to do just what is necessary on any one ingredient; you want every component in your marinade to shine through when it's on the grill or smoker!

Remember Layers Of Flavor

When preparing a jerk marinade, there should be multiple layers of flavor throughout the dish – salty-sweet-spicy-sage flavors that come through in every bite. By paying close attention to layering each component and achieving just the right combination of seasonings, you'll create an unforgettable jerked dish that everyone will love.

Marinate Timings

Marinate the meat for at least 6 hours but at most 24 hours. Like any high-quality homemade marinade recipe, the formula for jerk involves letting your meat sit in the sauce for at least 6 hours before cooking – but no longer than 24 hours max. This gives the flavors time to penetrate deep into the meat and impart their rich taste and aroma without overpowering it. It's also important not to forget about your food during this process – check on it occasionally and turn the pieces so that they get full exposure to the marinade.

Cook Your Protein Over Low Heat

Jerk chicken or pork is traditionally made by grilling chunks of meat over a low fire on an outdoor charcoal or wood grill – which helps capture those delicious smoky flavors. Whether you're making Chicken Drumsticks or Pork Loin cutlets, follow timelines depending on your preferred level of doneness (typically between 7-13 minutes). 

And remember: If you don't have an outdoor grill, you can also prepare Jerk dishes in a hot skillet indoors while still preserving those outstanding smoky notes.

Pair With Mango Chutney

One popular way to serve jerk chicken or pork is as a Caribbean sandwich by slicing off delicate portions and serving them in between soft rolls along with tangy mango chutney for additional sweetness and crunch. It adds another layer of adventurous taste bud sensations that will delight any crowd at your next barbecue or family dinner night. With these simple tips in mind, you'll be prepared to make standout batches of homemade jerk marinade.

Nutritional Information Of Jerk Marinade

This versatile sauce is packed with essential vitamins, nutrients, and calories to help fuel your body.

  • With a total of 207 kcal per serving, jerk marinade is an excellent source of carbs, providing over 50 grams per serving. This makes it an ideal option for refueling after a strenuous workout or boosting energy levels throughout the day.
  • It is also rich in protein, providing 4 grams per serving and a healthy dose of fiber, with 7 grams per serving.
  • Additionally, this sauce is low in fat and contains just 1 gram of saturated fat per serving.
  • And if that weren't enough, jerk marinade is also high in potassium (456 mg), calcium (206mg), iron (4mg), and other essential vitamins (vitamin A: 1607IU, vitamin c: 38mg) and minerals (sodium: 673mg) that promote overall health and wellness.
  • Enjoy the sauce with less sugar concentration of 32g and the lowest cholesterol of 1mg. Now you don't have to worry about cholesterol anymore with jerk sauce.

Benefits Of Jerk Marinade

There are many benefits to using a jerk marinade when preparing meats and vegetables.

Adds Flavor

Jerk marinade adds lots of delicious flavor to meats and other foods. Compared to different types of marinades, jerk marinades typically have more spices and herbs, which help to transform your meals into something truly special.

Add Moisture And Tenderness

Jerk marinade also helps to add moisture and tenderness. Unlike dry rubs or salt-based marinades, which can make food tough and dry, jerk marinade evenly distributes its moisture throughout the meat, ensuring that it stays juicy and flavorful from start to finish.

Use For Vegetable

Another great thing about jerk marinade is that it can be used on meats and vegetables like eggplants, peppers, or squash. This makes it a versatile and convenient choice for anyone experimenting with new seasonings and flavors in the kitchen.

Used As An Additional Flavor Enhancer

Whether you are using a store-bought brand or making your fresh recipe home, jerk marinade can be used as an additional flavor enhancer for all sorts of dishes―such as rice and beans or grilled vegetables―making it truly versatile in the kitchen.

How To Store Jerk Marinade?

There are a few fundamental guidelines to follow when storing jerk marinade.

  • Remember that the marinade should be kept cold in the refrigerator or by adding ice packs to the container. It will help control bacteria from growing on the marinade, ensuring it stays fresh and edible.
  • Additionally, it is best practice to ensure that all containers are tightly sealed beforehand, as this will help prevent leaks or spills.
  • If you have leftover marinade after cooking, you should store it separately from the cooked meat to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Finally, remember to label your containers clearly with the name of your marinade and the manufacturing date. So that you can quickly find what you need to know when something has gone bad.

Grab The Opportunity 

Now that you have all the information about jerk marinade, it's time to get cooking! If you follow the steps and tips we've laid out for you, you'll be oK on your way to making a delicious dish that everyone will love. And don't forget – if you need help or want to try some of our other unique sauces, try Sauces by Jrk!

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