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Master The Art Of Making Taco Bell's Quesadilla Sauce | Sauces by Jrk!

A quick and easy guide on how to make the delicious Taco Bell quesadilla sauce at home. Check out recipes of Sauces by Jrk!

Looking for a delicious sauce to top your quesadillas? Try this Taco Bell quesadilla sauce recipe! This sauce is easy to make and tastes fantastic. Whether making quesadillas at home or ordering them from your favorite Mexican restaurant, add this sauce to the mix! 

Do you want to make your Taco Bell sauce at home? 

Let Sauces by Jrk! guide you through the whole process!

Ingredients For Taco Bell’s Quesadilla Sauce

  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • ½ cup light sour cream
  • Canned diced jalapeños—3 Tablespoons
  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt to taste
  • ½ teaspoon chili powder

How Do You Make Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce?

Are you looking to spice up your next Taco Bell meal? Here are three simple steps to making your own quesadilla sauce:

Measure Out The Ingredients In A Bowl

Begin by measuring the ingredients for the taco bell sauce, including hot sauce, garlic powder, cumin, and chili powder. Be sure to measure properly. Doing so is important because it ensures an even distribution of flavors throughout the sauce.

Mix The Ingredients

Next, mix the ingredients and stir until well merged. Be sure to use a whisk or other utensil to easily reach all parts of the bowl.

Enjoy The Sauce!

Finally, pour the delicious sauce over your favorite Taco Bell dishes and enjoy! This homemade sauce will surely add a flavorful kick to any dish, whether topping off a crunchy taco or adding extra heat to your burrito bowl!

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Quesadilla Recipes With Taco Bell Sauce

Quesadilla recipes are a great way to add variety to your usual taco or burrito night. Whether you're in the mood for chicken, steak, or cheese, there's sure to be a quesadilla recipe that will satisfy your taste buds:

Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla

For an easy and filling meal, try making a chicken quesadilla by sauteing shredded chicken in a pan along with onions, bell peppers, and other fresh veggies. Next, add cheese and your favorite taco bell sauce to the mix before folding it into a tortilla and grilling it until it is crispy and browned on both sides. 

Steak Quesadilla

If you're craving something with a kick, try making a steak quesadilla by marinating your choice of thinly sliced steak overnight in taco bell sauce, lime juice, and spices. Cook the steak over high heat until it is medium-rare, then add it along with some salsa verde to half of a tortilla and some cheese before folding the tortilla in half and grilling until golden brown on each side. 

Cheese Quesadilla

If simple cheesy goodness is what you're after, why not try making a classic cheese quesadilla? First, brush one side of each tortilla lightly with olive oil before layering them evenly with grated cheddar cheese or any other kind of shredded cheese you enjoy. 

Next, fold each loaded tortilla in half to form half-moons, pressing them together firmly around the edges so that the cheese gets nice and melty inside as it cooks in the pan.

Heat your desired amount of cooking fat in a large skillet over medium-high before throwing down those loaded quesadillas—then cook them one at a time until each side has formed lovely crispy layers of melted cheesy goodness. Now enjoy your cheese-loaded taco bell quesadillas.

Ways To Use Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce

As A Dipping Sauce

Taco Bell's quesadilla sauce is an excellent choice for dipping various foods, from tacos and fajitas to chips, veggies, or chicken tenders. This versatile sauce adds a delicious flavor profile and creamy texture to any dish.

Adding Flavor To Tacos And Fajitas

To spice up your tacos or fajitas, add some quesadilla sauce for a quick and tasty twist on your favorite Mexican dishes. The rich, cheesy flavor complements the traditional flavors of these classic dishes perfectly.

Adding Gusto To Burgers

Looking for an incredible new way to dress up your burgers? Try using quesadilla sauce as a condiment! 

Whether you like them plain or topped with all the usual fixings, this tasty sauce will add just the right amount of zing to take your burger game to the next level.

Marinade Chicken Tenders

Quesadilla sauce makes a great marinade or coating for chicken tenders, adding tons of irresistible flavor and ensuring juicy, tender results with every bite. Whether frying them up or grilling them on the BBQ, this versatile delicacy is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Sour Cream Substitute

Quesadilla sauce is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to traditional dairy-based sour cream. It has a similar consistency and tangy flavor but is also lower in calories and fat. To use it as a topping on tacos or nachos, drizzle a dollop onto your dish of choice and enjoy!

French Fry Topping

Another great way to take advantage of this versatile condiment is by using it as a topping for your french fries. Drizzle some quesadilla sauce over your fried potatoes and watch as it intensifies their savory flavors and adds an extra spicing.

Nutrition Facts Of Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce

Taco Bell's quesadilla sauce is a popular condiment rich in calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and other nutrients. With just 257 calories per serving, this sauce can provide a satisfying burst of flavor to any dish.

The sauce contains: 

  • 3 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of protein
  • 27 grams of fat
  • Includes 7 grams of unsaturated fat
  • 856 IU vitamin A
  • 1 mg of calcium

This sauce provides carbs and protein to help fuel your body with energy throughout the day. Although it is high in fat, it does contain 7 grams of unsaturated fat, which is good for your heart! Furthermore, this quesadilla sauce provides vitamin A and calcium to support your overall health. 

How Is Taco Bell’s Quesadilla Sauce Stored?

You can store your Taco Bell quesadilla sauce in a few different ways:

Cool And Dry Place

When you want to store your Taco Bell quesadilla sauce, it's important to make sure that you choose a cool, dry place. Ideally, this should be in the refrigerator or a pantry. However, you can also consider storing your sauce in the freezer for long-term storage options.

Tightly Sealed Container

It is also essential to keep your quesadilla sauce in a tightly sealed container when storing it in the fridge or out of direct sunlight. This helps to prevent contamination from bacteria and mold growth. Use glass containers that will prevent plastic from leaking chemicals into your sauce.

Keep A Check

If your quesadilla sauce has started to thicken or crystallize, heat it before using it again to regain its smooth texture and consistency. This can usually be done by turning on the stove and stirring the sauce continuously until it returns to its liquid state. Then, let it cool and store it as usual.

Expiration Date

Also, check the expiration date on your quesadilla sauce before using it. It is best to discard any seasonings that have expired or have been open for too long. This will ensure the safety and quality of your meal.

Elevate Your Next Dish!

Now that you know the secret Taco Bell quesadilla sauce recipe, try making it at home for your next Mexican-inspired dish. Whether you use it as a savory dipping sauce or slather it on top of your favorite protein, this copycat taco bell quesadilla sauce recipe is sure to please! 

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